WPH's Summer Schedule

It's getting a bit hotter outside, so time to unveil some of the WPH-related events of the upcoming summer. In chronological order, here are the label nights and/or festival stages hosted by We Play House Recordings:

- Saturday 7 July: WPH presents Daniel Bell @ Decadance, closing label night of the Decadance season, also featuring San Soda, Red D & Jensen

- Thursday 19 July: WPH Night @ Charlatan with San Soda, Red D feat Lady Linn & Gustaph and...Scott Ferguson from Ferris Park!

- Saturday 21 July: WPH vs Feiern @ Brauhausboat, the third edition of our annual national holiday boat party, all day and night long, featuring Locked Groove, Metrobox, Gratts vs Eklektiker, Laurens & Red D.

- Friday 27 July: WPH stage @ Tomorrowland (sold out), featuring Martyn, Solomun, Ame Live, Deetron, Tama Sumo, San Soda live & Red D feat Lady Linn, Gustaph & Saxman

- Friday 3 August: WPH stage @ Forest Festival, featuring Prosumer, FCL, Metrobox & Triad

More WPH-related gigs have been confirmed, but for now you already know the 'official' label events :-)