WPBH 05 - Uit De Hoogte

Just out of nowhere a new WPBH. Raw & dusty house music by Uit De Hoogte. Don't sleep on this one!

WPH U.S. #6 Re-Fantasized & Realized - Red D

Quality remix pack of Red D's debut album with remixes by Charles Webster, Kai Alcé, San Soda and Far Out Radio Systems.

WPH U.S. #5 Moments In Blackness E.P. - Reggie Dokes

An absolute gem of a release by a trusted WPH regular.

WPH U.S. #4 Novelties E.P. - Levon Vincent - Red D

Long time friends Levon Vincent & Red D going dub house back 2 back!

WPH LP 004 Fantasize Then Realize - Red D

Red D's debut album. Supported by a slew of his friends, lovers & family.

WPH LP 004 Sampler 22 Shoulders b/w Compelled - Red D

Lead single of Red D's upcoming debut album.

WPH LP003 Moments In Unity - Uni Son

WPH U.S. #3 Love Letters From Alexandria E.P. - Adham Zahran

More dusted Egyptian house class!

WPH Limited Edition T-shirt - Unmask Your Smile - Various Artists

With the summer finally looking bright when it comes to playing music for a dancing crowd again we decided to add some positivity and express our desire to make you smile again when listening and dancing to our music. So we will be making this limited edition t-shirt in anticipation of better days ahead!

WPH U.S. #2 Cassette Cuts E.P. - Brian Kage

WPH U.S. #1 - Reggie Dokes & Red D are RD²

Being heavily influenced by the house sounds coming from the U.S. past and present it should not come as a surprise that Red D‘s WPH imprint is launching a new 12” series on which his favorite producers from Detroit, New York, Chicago and beyond get to shine in all their glory. A whole slew of Detroit and New York friends of the label have already confirmed to take part in this series, so good things await us!

But to kick things off we are extremely happy to present label boss Red D’s collaboration with Reggie Dokes, who has been a WPH regular since the very early days. Reggie Dokes and Red D a.k.a. RD² team up for three tracks full of electronic soul and analogue dirt, ranging from the ethereal beauty that is ‘Sharing Angels’ to the minimal dance of ‘Beyond Borders’ and the tribute to their respective cities of birth ‘From D To Shining D’. To complete the E.P. Reggie contributes the solo track ‘Birth Day’, bringing his trademark deepness to the table.

Time will tell if there was a better way to start this new series on WPH, but we are pretty happy with this one as it is. Stay tuned for more and enjoy!

WPH TEN-10 - Plaster/Proto E.P. - krewcial

Second E.P. by krewcial on WPH, going all out gospel and proto house. Two absolute dance floor killers!

WPH TEN-9 - The Midnight Tower E.P. - Adham Zahran

All hail our sultan of swing! Adham Zahran makes his debut on WPH...and we're happy with that!

WPH TEN-8 - The House Music Track - FCL

The original FCL version on the A-side and a killer Kai Alcé remix on the B-side. It's house!

WPH 10 Years - Volume 4 - Various Artists

A1 Russ Gabriel – The Diva
A2 Art Of Tones – Take Me Higher
B1 San Soda – Cocomo
B2 Miclem – Drum & Piano

WPH 10 Years - Volume 5 - Various Artists

A1 San Soda – Retractor
A2 Humandrone – ‘Tonight’
B1 San Soda – Juno Love
B2 Reggie Dokes – Dream Catcher

WPH 10 Years - Volume 6 - Various Artists

A1 Luv*Jam – Dewi On Deck
A2 Metrobox presents WLC featuring Mona Lee – Don’t Get Around
B1 San Soda – 20061019
B2 Raoul Lambert – Death By Chocolate

WPH 10 Years - Volume 3 - Various Artists

Raoul Lambert & Nacho Marco – Cinnamon Dreams
Jus’ Raw – Mode III
krewcial – Information
Kiani & His Legion featuring Kate Dilemma – Deep In The Night

WPH 10 Years - Volume 2 - Various Artists

FCL – More Than Seven
DJ Longsleeve featuring ITW – Ode Aan De Filosofie
Reggie Dokes – Earth, Wind & Fire
Luv Jam – Grarf

WPH 10 Years - Volume 1 - Various Artists

San Soda featuring Sean Haefeli & Mculo – Freedom Music
Lemakuhlar – Zjillow
FCL – It’s You (San Soda’s Panoramabar Acca Version)
Dektro – Clifford

WPH TEN-7 Toriton E.P. - Satoshi Fumi

Two incredible tracks on the vinyl, one digital bonus. Japan rules!

WPH TEN-6 Border 2 Border E.P. - Fabrice Lig

Fabrice Lig bringing two original tracks and one vocal version of the title tracks where he teams up with label boss Red D and singer Lady Linn.

WPH TEN-5 - Reggie Dokes

Two original Reggie Dokes tracks and one Red D edit of the main track.

WPH TEN-4 - krewcial

The artist formerly known as back! Think Floating Points meets Moodymann.

WPBH 04 - Jus' Raw

4 slices of analogue rawness in a Ron Trent - Mr Fingers style.

WPH TEN-3 - TJ Kong & Modular K featuring Gustaph & Art of Tones

House music bliss in its purest strings, things and vocals guise.

WPH LP 002 'Wanderlust' (Triple Album Pack) - Metrobox

The debut album of Metrobox. Specially priced triple album package!

WPH TEN-2 - Dynamodyse

Our deep man from Germany is back with more divine house music.

WPH 025 / WPH Black 'Ceci N'est Pas Un Reissue E.P.' - Various Artists

Three wanted WPH items by FCL & San Soda + one new killer remix by Dynamodyse of a Ralph & Larry Houl track.

WPH 024 'The Mackenzie E.P.' - The Mackenzie

Unexpected reissue action with a twist!

WPH 023.5 'Can We Try (Remixes)' - FCL

FCL's 'Can We Try' remixed by Deetron, Russ Gabriel, Kiani & His Legion and Red D.

In The House Vinyl Sampler - FCL

Vinyl sampler of our Defected compilation, including the brand new track 'Behold'.

WPH 023 'Trick Nut E.P.' - Luv*Jam

Welsh power house Luv Jam is back...and he brought Jacob Korn on the remix tip! Bonus track courtesy of Niccòlo Cupo & Panta Rhei.

WPH TEN-1 - Dektro

First volume in a series of ten 10" releases brings us the recording debut of Dektro. More young Belgian power on WPH!

WPH Summer Special 2014 - Various Artists

Yes, yes, it's winter... But here at WPH HQ it's always a little bit summer, so there! New tracks from Harry Baldi, Miclem, Kiani & His Legion and Maxim Lany vs Audio City Soul.

WPH 022 'In The Van E.P.' - Russ Gabriel

Three new original Russ Gabriel tracks and one Kiani & Red D Remix. Priceless...but yours for just 8 euro...

WPH 021.5 'Can We Try' - FCL

New V.I.P. Series of the new FCL. One-sided, limited pressing of 500 copies.

Our Beat Is Still New - After-Take - Various Artists

Fourth and final volume of the 'Our Beat Is Still New' series. Vinyl only this one. With FCL, Lauer, Locked Groove and Innershades all doing their new beat thing to great effect.

Our Beat Is Still New - 4 pack vinyl deal - Various Artists

Here's your chance to grab all four vinyl releases of the 'Our Beat Is Still New' series, paying tribute to Belgian new beat. Even back in the day you could not get vinyl this cheap...

WPH 021 'Open E.P.' - Nacho Marco

Our main man from Valencia teaming up with vocalist Aqeel for some modern day soul. Including two remixes by Kiani & His Legion.

WPH Brown - Locked Groove

First full Locked Groove release on WPH. Two killer tracks for your body and your mind!

Xosar - Retreat 2 Rapture E.P. - Various Artists

A vinyl-only release from our friends Ensemble with three tracks from Xosar, and a killer remix by WPH mainstay San Soda. Plenty or reasons to make this one available from the WPH webshop.

The Overlooked Lany Release - Just Nathan vs - San Soda

Now here's a record you all missed out on because it was NOT on WPH... Timeless and plenty of stock left, so grab it now!

WPH Grey - Kiani & His Legion

Full E.P. debut of Kiani & His Legion. In true WPH style we bring you 4 killer cuts on one E.P. It's called house value for money...

Holding Our Nick - FCL

Not on WPH, but very WPH-related. FCL's 'Holding Our Nick', original + Locked Groove & Frits Wentink remixes.

Our Beat Is Still New - Take 1 - Various Artists

San Soda aka Nick Berlin, Aril Brikha aka The Assyrian Lover, Sebastien San aka Dr Hypnotic and Red D aka Max Erotic, all paying tribute to new beat.

Our Beat Is Still New - Take 2 - Various Artists

Jacob Korn, Credit 00 & Sneaker aka Serial Error, Jacques Renault & Mark Verbos aka Goodnight Moon, Social Disco Club aka Super-Ringo and Marcos Salon aka Outlander all paying tribute to new beat.

WPH 020 - Various Artists

Most limited WPH ever, can you find one?!!

WPH 019 'Take Me Higher E.P.' - Art Of Tones

Two Art Of Tones originals and two Lauer remixes in this package.

Summer Special 2013 - Various Artists

Kiani & His Legion, FCL in a David Morales remix and an unreleased Metrobox are all on this vinyl. And look further and ye shall receive even more!

WPH 018.5 'Records & Culture' - Kiani & His Legion

The second release in the V.I.P. Series... Available again because I found a small amount in the WPH stock that I didn't knew I still had :-) Debut of Kiani & His Legion. Price is 0 euro, the 1 euro is to avoid a bug in the system... NOTE: YOU HAVE TO BUY AT LEAST ONE OTHER RECORD FROM THE WEBSITE TO GET THIS ONE FOR FREE!!!

Our Beat Is Still New - Pre-take - Various Artists

The first volume in a series of 4 paying tribute to Belgian new beat. Tracklist:

A1 Juju & Jordash are ‘Azab & Crybaby J ‘Agent Orange’
A2 Unknown UK big name house guy and friend are anonymous are DJ Ironfist ‘Frog March’
B1 JD Twitch is TC & The Maxx Paxx ‘Just Like That’
B2 Metrobox is Prins Albert ‘Dies Ist Belgien’

WPBH 03 - Harry Baldi

Can you kick this feeling when it dubs you tonight or tomorrow?!

WPH 018 - Wales vs Germany: 2-2 Luv Jam - SRF Inc

A meeting of deepness between Wales and Germany. Undecided, but what a hell of a match!

WPH Orange - Tief Dekoletiert - Ante Perry

Ante Perry's killer original in all its vinyl glory on the A-side, completed with a Locked Groove remix and a Red D tool on the B-side.

WPH 017 - Stroom, Spanning & Weerstand E.P. - Metrobox

Three original Metrobox tracks, including an ode to WPH, with a huge Humandrone remix.

WPH Summer Special 2012 - Unreleased remixes by Arto Mwambe - San Soda

Includes two unreleased-on-vinyl Arto Mwambe remixes of Viadrina - Better & Armagnac - Curve and one unreleased San Soda remix of Alex & The Grizzly - The Barking Grizzle.

WPH 015.5 - V.I.P. Series - It's You (San Soda's Panorama Bar Acca Version) - FCL

V.I.P. - Vinyl Is Personal - Limited to 100 copies - Only available on our website and at Ghent's Music Mania vinyl shop. One copy per customer only. No Discogs or we'll hunt you down!

WPH 016 - Toch Al De Vijfde E.P. - San Soda

WPH PINK - The Consequence Of Deepness E.P. - Dynamodyse

WPH 015 - More Vocals For Everyone E.P. - FCL

WPH LANY Summer Special 2010 - Russ Gabriel - FCL - Red D & Lemakuhlar - Maxim Lany

Second Summer Special in cooperation with sister label Lany Recordings. Featuring remixes and new tracks.

WPH White - Outlander - Luv*Jam

WPH 014 - Surrender E.P. - Jeremy Glenn


WPH 013 - Red D meets Volume 1 - Red D


WPH 012 - DJ Yellow E.P. - DJ Yellow


WPH Yellow - Humandrone

WPH 011 - Great Cities E.P. - Sebastien San


Refused & Revinylized Volume 1 - John Doe

Renegade vinyl release by some WPH related artists... Don't ask how we got these, just ask yourself if you need these!

WPBH 02 - MKDA - Two Weeks In Berlin - John Doe

The elusive WPBH series continues... Killer remixes and edits of unknown and pretty well-known house & disco classics.

WPH Red - Maxim Lany

WPH CD 01 Immers & Daarentegen - San Soda

Double CD including San Soda's 'Immers & Daarentegen' album + a bonus mix CD by Red D.

WPH 010 - The Cinnamon E.P. - Raoul Lambert

Some of us claim they have got the gist of our philosophy, but we are living by it and doing mighty fine.

WPH LANY Summer Special 2010 - San Soda

WPH LP 01 - Immers & Daarentegen - San Soda

WPH 009 - The Pitch Black E.P. - Luv*Jam

Some of us claim to be Detroit or Chicago, but we just belong that that one nation under a groove.

WPH Green - Tyree Cooper

WPH 008 - Immers & Daarentegen E.P. - San Soda

Some of us claim to own a record label, but we have more than just a laptop and a Beatport account.

WPH 007 - Vocals For Everyone E.P. - FCL

Some of us claim vocals are cheesy, but we just include a dub and please girls and gays alike.

WPH 006 - Le Voyeur E.P. - Russ Gabriel

Some of us believe the CDJ 2000 will replace the laptop, but we just use the laughing third party and could not care any less.

WPH Blue - San Soda

WPBH 01 - Jazzanova - I Can See (Telepaticos Re-Rub) - John Doe

First release in the mysterious WPBH 01 series...

WPH 005 - Shelter E.P. - Dynamodyse

Some of us claim to respect the music, but we are still paying for what we are playing.

WPH 004 - Spectacle Of Deepness E.P. - Reggie Dokes

Some of us claim to be artists, but we are just playing records.

WPH Purple - San Soda

WPH 003 - The Super Pim Pam Pet E.P. - San Soda

Some of us claim to make beats, but we are still making music.

WPH 002 - Highway E.P. - Maxim Lany

Some of us claim to think about music, but we are still dancing to it.

WPH 001 - The Limited Gear E.P. - San Soda

Some of us claim to be innovative, but we are still playing vinyl.

WPH 000 - San Soda Presents - San Soda

Some of us claim to be original, but we are still playing house.