Brian Kage

Brian Kage is a true Detroit legend and has been a presence all over the motor city scene for as long as anyone can remember. An allround talented nice guy who gets the best out of his machines each and every time.

Adham Zahran

Our main man from also our only man from Egypt. Testament to the universal power of the funk, Adham sounds like he has soaked up grooves and sounds from all over the world...spiced up with his very own style of dusty funk.

Satoshi Fumi

When Ken Ishii came down to the WPH Studio Brussel takeover and played 'Toriton' by his fellow countryman Satoshi Fumi Red D was instantly hooked. This track was digital only, so it was only logical it got licensed for a full vinyl release on WPH. Satoshi's sound is heavily inspired by Detroit but is has that certain 'je ne sais quoi' we here at WPH kinda dig. Welcome to the family Satoshi!

Fabrice Lig

Hailing from the French-speaking side of Belgium comes Fabrice Log, a true techno legend and a man that was among the first Europeans to be accepted by Detroit's original techno community. This man has been releasing music on a slew of legendary labels and so we are more than happy to welcome him on WPH.


krewcial is a true legend in Belgian nightlife. Deeply involved in the early hip hop scene in Belgium and always with an open eye and ear for all things black music. All this culminated in an album for legendary label BBE and a DJ mix for the even more legendary Blue Note jazz label. After an almost 10 year hiatus krewcial decided that it was time to bring back some soul and the dusty Moodymann-styled MPC grooves may just be the ace up this man's new sleeve. 

Jus' Raw

Jus' Raw aka Khuram Chaudry loves it dusty and dirty. Whatever he does with music will always be with respect for the originators of this game. After years of dabbling with his Akai MPC and some old hardware he finally took the step to reach out to WPH to get some feedback on his tracks. Our feedback? Let's release an E.P.! Jus' Raw feels at home in the underground, so his first E.P. ended up being one of the mysterious WPBH releases...


TJ Kong & Modular K featuring Gustaph & Art of Tones

A dream team if you ask us... Dutch house masters TJ Kong & Modular K (of Kompakt fame) team up with Belgian vocalist Gustaph (of Hercules & Love Affair fame) and French boy wonder Art Of Tones (of Llorca fame) to bring you two tracks of pure house music bliss on WPH. Check out WPH TEN-3 to the max!


San Soda

Ever since walking into Clues in Deinze where Tyree and Red D were jacking it up San Soda hasn't looked back. Music it was, music it will be. A demo to Red D later We Play House Recordings was born. Versatile and talented, both as a DJ and as a producer, San Soda never fails to surprise you and capture your imagination. Releases on We Play House Recordings and remixes for other labels have put him firmly into the spotlight of the discerning house music world.

Maxim Lany

Maxim Lany, one of the hardest working men in house music business. Playing his ass off all over the country, running Lany Recordings together with Red D, setting up memorable nights and parties and still finding the time to get into the studio to create tracks, it's all in a day's work for Maxim. Maxim and Red D met a long time before We Play House Recordings was started, so it was only logical Maxim would have his place on the label, past, present and future.

Reggie Dokes

When first visiting Detroit way back in 2003 one of Red D's goals was to meet the man behind one of the most innovative labels at that time: Reggie Dokes and his Psychostasia label. In Detroit, Reggie not only proved to be a gifted producer, but also a great DJ and a genuinely nice person. Reggie came to Belgium to play a year later, and when We Play House Recordings was started he naturally became the first foreign producer to release an E.P. for the label. 


Matthias 'Dynamodyse' Schmitt came to We Play House Recordings thanks to some tracks he had given to Maxim Lany. The two have Ante Perry as a mutual friend, and Maxim thought Dynamodyse's music would be perfect for the label. He thought right, because Red D fell in love immediately with the deep jazzy chord house. In 2013 Dynamodyse started a new project, SRF Inc. Same quality, different feel, 100% We Play House Recordings. 

Russ Gabriel

When Red D was in his formative years as a DJ there was Ferox Recordings, and a man named Russ Gabriel producing some of the best techno on this side of the Atlantic. A while later Russ Gabriel played at Ghent's 10 Days Off and blew Red D's mind with a crazy house selection and the funniest t-shirt ever: 'I dig fat chicks'. Around 2000 Red D invited Russ Gabriel to play one of his own parties and the rest - as they say -  is history. Russ Gabriel: class and style all the way!


FCL = the most entertaining amateur football club in Europe and beyond, and also the team with the most quality DJ's in the starting line-up... When San Soda and Red D first got together in the studio to make some music a name for the collaboration was easily chosen: an abbreviation of Football Club Leiejongens, where Red D is goalkeeper and San Soda right winger. That's right: we don't take ourselves too seriously...


Luv Jam, the first person to be released on We Play House Recordings that wasn't a friend of Red D or any other artist on the label. Luv Jam, the living proof that our non-demo policy can be breached if you have the right music and the tenacity to survive a lenghty e-mail conversation with Red D, crammed with good music and arguments as to why you should be on We Play House Recordings. Luv Jam, our man from Wales we love so much! Luv Jam, all about the Onk!

Raoul Lambert

Raoul Lambert is the disco/deep house a.k.a. of Raoul Belmans, who is half of the legendary Swirl People. One of the most respected house DJ's and producers in Belgium, being at the top of the game since we can remember. Different strokes for different folks, but true house heads always unite, and when Raoul passed Red D '3 Seconds' one day - which ended up on the infamous WPH Blue - he was instantly welcomed to the label. One word: grand cru! 

Nacho Marco

Nacho Marco, Valencia's finest house export product, another fine example of how good music finds its way. Raoul Lambert and Nacho Marco hooked up in Valencia for some studio sessions and the result was the 'Cinnamon E.P.'. Blame speculoospasta for the name, because the pair ate tons of it during those sessions... 

Sebastien San

Sebastien San had been on the roster of the same agency representing Red D and We Play House Recordings (Deep'Art) for a while, and his releases had been firmly stuck in Red D's vinyl bag as well. So it was quite logical he would one day send some tracks over, and the result was the 'Great Cities E.P.', the first ever release by Sebastien San featuring a remix done by somebody else. Sebastien, our man from 'chez les chtis'...

DJ Yellow

DJ Yellow is responsible for some of the most beautiful house music tracks ever to grace Red D's decks. One of them is 'Night In Tranzylvania' featuring the gorgeous vocals of Astrid Suryanto. A track that never got a proper vinyl release, and so Red D set about licensing the first ever...erm...licence on WPH. Easy, because DJ Yellow was a fan of the label, and he had played on one of Red D's nights @ Decadance. DJ Yellow, a true house music genius of our time!


Hidden away in the deepest of country sides Belgium has to offer, Lemakuhlar are crafting their trade like no one else. Dedicated, fanatic, crazy and talented, they are without a doubt there to surprise the world in years to come. Their track 'Liser' was the B-side beauty of WPH Red, and they also collaborated with Red D, Metrobox and Social Disco Club on WPH 013. More will come, rest assured!

Social Disco Club

Humberto 'Social Disco Club' Mattias came to We Play House Recordings thanks to Raoul Lambert. He sent over some raw tracks, and Red D signed them on the spot, with the specific promise to write lyrics for them and find a vocalist. Promises are there to be kept and so a couple of mad studio sessions with the Lemakuhlar boys led to WPH 013. Social Disco Club, who said that Portugal was only about fado?!


Antwerp-born, currently Berlin-based DJ, producer and singer Metrobox is a prime example of somebody who fits We Play House Recordings perfectly. He likes it deep, raw, analogue and doesn't like music business bullshit. Blessed with a voice that is perfect for sensual house grooves, he was the go-to man for the vocals for Social Disco Club's tracks on WPH 013. But you can expect more to come in the near future...

Red D

It's my label and I run it like I want to... No, seriously, what to write about myself? Well, basically I just love what I do and I do it the way I want to do it. Maybe I should give a shout out to all involved in We Play House Recordings, because without them - especially San Soda - I'm sure 90% of you reading this right now wouldn't even know that I exist. So to all involved: thank you!

Jeremy Glenn

Ah, the wonders of Soundcloud! Jeremy Glenn is the first artist on We Play House Recordings that came to us through the cloud of sound. Instant love is the only way to describe the feeling when hearing his tracks. Just like James Teej and Metrobox, Jeremy sings, DJ's and produces, all with the same class, style and quality. This man is going to be big, and we can only hope he will be with us for a very long time!

Lady Linn

The most versatile female singer in Belgium, period. This little lady has been playing together with Red D as Red D featuring Lady Linn for almost 7 years now, bringing live vocals on top of instrumental house classics, edits, tracks, etc. So it was only logical that she would feature on We Play House Recordings as well. 'More Than Seven' on FCL's 'Vocals For Everyone E.P.' is our case in point, and more will follow.

Tyree Cooper

The awesome supa dupa trooper! Chicago legend and still at the top of his game, Tyree Cooper and Red D met through a mutual friend (Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes) and hit it off immediately. A shared love for music, banter and the jack, does one really need more in life? 'Get Up' had been a rare CDR staple song in Red D's sets for years, when he finally convinced Tyree to give it up for a We Play House Recordings release. WPH Green, get it when you can!



One day a 'real' demo from Japan fell into Red D's postbox. Inside a letter and a CD with 7 tracks that got immediate play in the car, and instant love when first play was over. A deep understanding of how We Play House Recordings thinks and works, combined with a immense talent for analogue sounds and production = WPH Yellow. Mr Humandrone, we salute you and look forward to releasing more Japanese jack!


James Teej

Canadian James Teej first came to Red D's ear with a release on Rebirth, soon followed by a killer album on Rekids. One last useful act on behalf of MySpace did the rest: James Teej came on board with a remix done for WPH Yellow. Soon followed by a complete beauty of a track on WPH Red. Singer, producer, DJ, another hugely talented addition to our family!


When Marcos Salon became a worldwide sensation with the classic track 'The Vamp' Red D was making his first moves as a DJ and party host. Years later the two met in Ghent nightlife and started working together. From day one Marcos has been mastering all releases on WPH, and constantly making tracks it was only a matter of time before Marcos would also contribute musically to We Play House Recordings. On WPH White it has happened, and it happened in style!

Ante Perry

Dortmund's very own Ante Perry has been a friend of the WPH family for a long time. Closely linked with Dynamodyse and Maxim Lany, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that Ante joins the WPH family on wax as well. Talented, outspoken and a genuine party animal, welcome home Mr Perry!

Locked Groove

Locked Groove is the 'nom de plume' of Tim Van De Meutter, another young Belgian who has been making some serious waves in the music community. But who cares about the music community? Locked Groove makes waves that we here at WPH totally dig, and he also has the same twisted sense of humour that unites everybody in the WPH tree, so that's really all we needed to know to bring him aboard.



SRF Inc is a new project by our main German man Dynamodyse. In his own words: slowness releases forces. SRF Inc is always me with different artists, but I don't like 'featuring' or 'versus'. I don't like politics and namedropping, so it's just SRF Inc.

Kiani & His Legion

The Belgian WPH family keeps on growing, and every single day we thanks the lords of house for the amazing talent in our small crew. Kiani & His Legion - aka Thomas Neyens - is at the core of Genk's most (in)famous house music collective Taxi Tanzbar. He gave me a demo at a WPH label night in Decadance one day, and when I was driving to Groningen a couple of weeks later I put it in the player and didn't take it out for the next two hours...

Art Of Tones

Art Of Tones is also known as Llorca, who was very acceptable in the 90ies and 00ies. And who still is very acceptable in our ears :-) A release on WPH had long been coming ever since I had the pleasure of spending a holiday in Perpignan, the permanent residence of this former French northerner. A shared love for sounds of new inspired by old mean that Art Of Tones could very well become a permanent member of our WPH family. We surely hope so!

Various Artists

It would be a killer name for a band now wouldn't it? But for once WPH is pretty straight-forward, and various artists will simply be used for releases featuring...various artists. I guess I'm losing my writing touch with all the touring...

Harry Baldi

Who is Harry Baldi and what is he to you? That's a question we've often pondered on here at WPH's HQ. But we don't really have an answer. Does Harry Baldi really exist? Probably not, but you should check this record anyway...


Classy Lassy

Lassy is the name, Classy is the game. At the end of the blessed year 2013 WPH started syndicating a monthly radio show. After dabbling with some shout-outs in the first two months we decided a 'real' host of the show would be a better move, and a hostess an even better one. Enter Classy Lassy, the 'nom de plume' of a dear friend of Red D. A lady with taste, and the perfect voice to smoothly bring our taste to the world of airwaves and internet radio. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!


The origin of WPH was to have a label for the music of a young Belgian producer called San Soda. Till the day that we call it quits WPH will always be a home for young Belgian producers that have got 'it'. What that 'it' is we could not tell you, but we can tell you that Dektro has 'it'. If you do not believe 'it'...then you don't get 'it'. But we digress... World, meet Dektro and be amazed by his first release. Just like us here at the WPH camp, you will be waiting for more!



With all those Belgians joining WPH you would start to think we are some kind of nationalist movement... Well, when it comes to music, maybe we are just that. While RA and all other hipster publications drewl over any half-arsed analogue sounding thing coming from across the pond we just look in our neighbourhood and then find people like Miclem, our main man from the west! Truth be told, he found us really. But that's just a technicality.

Audio City Soul

Audio City Soul is the alias of Maks Konings, an Antwerp native and sound wizard who has a knack for finding the right name. Because just look up 'Turnlab' and pay that shop a little visit. You will then fully understand where the soul comes from and where the audio city is located... Together with his friend and partner Maxim Lany - a WPH original - Maks has been making fine house music for a while and it was just a matter of time before he ended up on WPH.

The Mackenzie

While The Mackenzie may seem a very strange artist to be on We Play House Recordings if you only know them through their major euro dance hits, it will make complete sense when you hear the tracks that have been licensed for WPH 024. Complete balearic bliss and timeless quality are the order of the day. And with it one of Red D's most treasured secret weapons has been given a new lease of life!

John Doe

John Doe is the unknown artist, the big name that doesn't want to be judged by his big name alone, the lesser known name that wants to try out something different, the bootleg edit people, the uncleared sample user, the shy producer that only wants to produce and not go out swimming with the sharks. It's that unsung hero of underground house, making those vinyl only releases that you want to play! 

Reggie Dokes & Red D are RD²

Reggie Dokes and Red D a.k.a. RD² team up for three tracks full of electronic soul and analogue dirt, ranging from the ethereal beauty that is ‘Sharing Angels’ to the minimal dance of ‘Beyond Borders’ and the tribute to their respective cities of birth ‘From D To Shining D’. To complete the E.P. Reggie contributes the solo track ‘Birth Day’, bringing his trademark deepness to the table.


Uni Son

Long time friend of Red D joining the WPH fray with a stellar debut album.