WPH V.I.P. Series - what have we learned from this experience?

Last Wednesday I put the WPH 015.5 up for sale on our website. Two hours later all 100 available copies were gone. One week later I have learned some things from this experience:

- Half of the people ordering think a record will arrive without any proper address, postal code or house number.

- The three leadies 'manning' the local post office like me and in return for a smile and some compliments they leave everybody standing to help me out first.

- Finish addresses are bloody hard to copy.

- UK postal codes are prone to all kinds of confusion when written by hand.

- Irish people are smarter and do not use postal codes.

- People cannot or do not read any form of communication, and as such start sending emails for every single step of the process. Summarized: when it says on the website that a confirmation of amount and payment info will DOES follow. And when you have made the payment, your package will be sent, there is NO NEED to start emailing me asking if I received payment, and when the record was shipped.

- One Australian fan also wanted a WPH towel. Gotta love those surfboys!

- Everybody likes to have limited vinyls...unless they were too late.

- The majority of packages went to England, followed by Germany and The Netherlands.

- The biggest WPH city is...Nijmegen!

- Some Belgian people who had a head start of three weeks at Music Mania...still were too late and complain about that.

- A stamp with your name and address on is quite handy when sending out 100 packages.

- In the name of house I always take up endeavours that end up having me do manual labour all day long.


Other than that I hope every single package I sent out does arrive safely, and I also hope that those who get the vinyl have a blast playing it.

Oh...and all of you: have the decency to play it yourself and not put it up for sale on Discogs. Let's see where the sharks are!