WPH V.I.P. Series - vinyl is personal

In the next months we will release the first issue in the V.I.P. - vinyl is personal - Series, a vinyl only forum for tracks that we believe to be very special. So special that they will only be pressed up on 150 copies, 50 of which we will give away to vinyl DJ's we love and respect and 100 that will be available for sale on our website and in our official WPH outlet Music Mania in Ghent, Belgium's finest vinyl shop. This is a way to thank the growing number of Belgian vinyl freaks that have been buying our stuff in the last years.

The first release is being finalized as we speak and will become available in the next months. Keep an eye on this blog or our Facebook page

Be aware: both on our website as in the shop this one will be strictly 'one copy per customer' to avoid some Discogs shark wanting to make a big profit that neither benefits the artist nor the label. Yes, you greedy f*cks, sometimes people just do something because they love it, not because they want to get rich...