WPH T-shirts 'repress' / WPBH / R&R now available in our webshop

A quick notice to let you all know that there has been a 'repress' of the WPH label t-shirts. A better word might be a slight 'edit', because the text on the sleeve has been changed from 'Some Of Us Claim To Be House' to 'But We Are Simple About Good Music'. This allows us to know who was 'with it' from the beginning :-p But it also completes the very last 'Some Of Us...'-quote that started on WPH 000. Collect them all, learn them by heart, and live by them!

And for the very first time we also have a limited batch of ladies shirts available. Tank top style with the WPH logo on the front and the words 'R LDS LK BTTR THN YRS' just above the bottom seam. Because your lady will look better than others wearing this...

We have also succeeded in getting some copies in of WPH-related releases WBPH 02 (by MKDA) and Refused & Revinylized Volume 1. Happy shopping!