WPH Fall 2015 Update - future releases, bandcamp page & more

Has WPH reached the end of the line with the final installment of our regular and coloured 12" series? Not at all. Another prime example of how you can explain whatever you want, people will always ignore it and draw their own (usually negative) conclusions. No need to elaborate on that, just read on till the end for once :-p

WPH 025 / WPH Black 'Ceci N'est Pas Un Reissue' has hit the stores worldwide and sold out almost everywhere within a week. No worries, if the backorder demand is high enough we will keep on repressing this one. In the meantime we have added it to our webshop for people who missed it through their favourite physical and online retailers. We do apologize for the ever more eccentric shipping prices of the Belgian Post. In that respect we are very happy to announce that we will set up a WPH Bandcamp VERY SOON that will operate from Berlin and thus provide you with cheaper shipping prices for our precious physical releases. The new Bandcamp page will also mean digital buyers will be able to buy direct from us and thus fully support WPH and its artists.

Still reading this far? Good :-) So now is the time to tell you some of our plans for the future. In an ever increasing short attention span world we have decided to provide our artists with a long attention span platform and will be releasing full artist albums by the core of WPH artists. The idea is to release two artist albums per year, both on triple vinyl (sold separately) and in a digital format. First up for this one will be Metrobox, who has been cooking up some serious stuff over the last months, including two collaborations with WPH label boss Red D and Belgian nightlife legend TLP. With the current pressing plant delays it is impossible to give you an exact release date, but the aim for this one is early in 2016.

Next to these album projects WPH will continue to release single releases within the frame of our WPH TEN 10" series. As we speak WPH TEN-2 by German maestro Dynamodyse is being pressed for release in December and it will be followed soon after by an incredible release courtesy of Dutch duo TJ Kong, who have teamed up with Hercules & Love Affair vocalist Gustaph on one of the tracks to bring you some pure WPH house bliss. With WPH TEN-4 you can expect some new FCL heat in the spring of 2016.

On the party front we will continue our bi-monthly WPH night at Ghent's Decadance club and you can expect other one-off WPH events as well in various places.

Sincerely house,

Bart / Red D