WPH Fall 2014 update

Lovers and players of the house,

It’s been a while since we have updated you on all things WPH. With the summer almost over, our ‘normal’ work is getting back on track, and we have prepared some exquisite releases for you in the coming months. Here’s what to expect:


WPH 022 Russ Gabriel ‘In The Van E.P.’ – out in October on vinyl – digital in November

Russ Gabriel is a WPH regular, but this is only his second full E.P. for us. But I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait… Includes a Kiani & Red D remix.


WPH TEN series – 10 x 10” releases

Our vinyl only coloured series has seen a steady success ever since the very first one (WPH Purple) almost 6 years ago. There will be one final release in that series, but seeing as we are out of colours it was time for something new. So please meet…WPH TEN, a series of ten 10” releases, one artist, one track per side. Kicking things off this fall will be the debut release of yet another stellar young Belgian producer called Dektro. Soundcloud preview will be up soon!


WPH Summer Special 2014

The WPH Summer Special was an idea that started in 2010. Just because I had some tracks that didn’t fit anywhere else, and just because. By now it has been a thing to look forward to every year, especially since it’s sometimes released in the winter… Well duh! This year’s edition will hit the shops somewhere in November, and it will feature 4 tracks by 5 different Belgian producers. Three regulars named Kiani & His Legion, Harry Baldi and Gai One (yes, regulars), and one newcomer called Miclem. The tracks are being mastered as I write this, so Soundcloud previews up soon as well.


WPH 023 Luv Jam ‘Anti Record Store Day E.P.’

At WPH it’s record store day every day! Two original tracks, one killer Jacob Korn remix I have been bangin’ all summer to great effect, and one little bonus remix Luv Jam did for another label that was largely overlooked. Probably because it only came on a 7”, and people always tend to ignore those. Yes, you too ladies!


There you have it. Knowing ourselves changes can still happen, and maybe we’ll release even more good music, but for now you can consider yourselves up to speed for the fall. And if you keep an eye on the WPH blog in the next weeks you’ll be informed on some more things related to WPH. As for gigs from our core crew? Simply check the websites and Facebook pages mentioned below and you won’t miss a thing!