WPH 018.5 - V.I.P. Series - Kiani & His Legion 'Records & Culture' - available online Monday 5th August 10h C.E.T.

Exactly 135 copies of the second V.I.P. Series will become available online next Monday at 10h C.E.T. in the morning. As you all know by now this is a free vinyl record, but for online ordering you will need to add it to any other order you place on the website. It's one thing to give away 250 vinyl records, it's another thing to make packages for two days and not get anything out of it... So you will need to buy at least one record from us to get this one for free. And yes, this is a pretty neat way to clear some stock :-p

Good to know: postage is the same for 1-3 records.

Also good to know: there is a limited stock of the very recent first volume in the 'Our Beat Is Still New' series. And on top of that WPBH03 was also made available on the website very recently, so no need to feel cheated into buying 'old' releases. And really, don't you agree WPH releases timeless music? 

I'll be preparing myself for answering emails and making packages. Should be a fun Monday!