WPH 018.5 - The V.I.P. Series continues...for free...introducing Kiani & His Legion...


Vinyl is personal, that is the reason for the V.I.P. Series. The first V.I.P. Series was the by now quite infamous FCL cover version of E.S.P.’s ‘It’s You’. Only 150 copies were pressed, some 25 of that were handed out to vinyl DJ’s we played with in that period, and the rest of the copies were sold at Ghent’s Music Mania and via the WPH website, the price set to reach a break-even point for this special release, intended to thank the loyal followers of WPH.

Our ‘It’s You’ version got picked up and played by some bigger names, and the hunt began. Some people who had bought the vinyl could not resist to make a bit of chump change on Discogs – something we explicitly wanted to avoid - and started selling their copy or even selling MP3 rips of it. All this combined with a serious offer from Defected finally lead to ‘It’s You’ getting a digital release and blowing up, leading to every John Doe giving his opinion, and even claiming the success of the track was only because of the limited availability.

So here we are, with another V.I.P. Series. Another gift for the loyal WPH followers, and seeing as you lot do not believe that killer tracks on limited vinyl can simply be a gift instead of a marketing ploy…we are giving this one away for free. Exactly 250 copies of this one will be made, and we will give them to people buying good stuff at Music Mania in Ghent, people buying stuff via the WPH website, and anybody that comes up to me when I am playing and gives me a good reason to receive a copy.

Are we making that much money of 'It's You' we can do this? Not really, we will just release this one digitally ourselves somewhere later on and have the digital pay for the vinyl. The vinyl will be pressed in the next weeks, and will as always first be available at Music Mania in Ghent, and during the next months I will always have some copies with me when playing out, so just come up to me and ask. 

So who is Kiani & His Legion and what music is he bringing us? Well, simply watch this blog in the next weeks and we'll show you why you'll want this one ;-)