WPH 017 out digitally - WPH Orange out soon - Last WPH Night of 2012 - Melbourne Deepcast Red D

Lovers of the house,

It's been a while since the last blog entry. But here we are with some quick WPH news flashes. Read fast, act accordingly!

- WPH 017 Metrobox - Stroom, Spanning & Weerstand E.P. is out digitally since Monday 17th December on all platforms. And of course the vinyl is available at all discerning vinyl shops as well. For the Belgians: it has been at Music Mania for 3 weeks, do NOT come and complain again in a month that it's sold out... Learn from your 'It's You' mistakes! 

- WPH Orange: the first release in 2013 will be WPH Orange, the next edition in our much-elusive vinyl only coloured series. Ante Perry joins the WPH family with this one, and is remixed by both Locked Groove and yours truly. For the Belgians: yes, it will be at Music Mania earlier, probably next week.

- We have one very last WPH label night planned at Decadance for 2012, a 'local' edition with San Soda, Red D feat Lady Linn and new kid Han Solo on the line-up? it goes down on Saturday 29th Dececember, from 23h till 10h.

- Next to a monthly mix on Soundcloud, I also found the time to record a mix for the good people at Melbourne Deepcast. And they asked me to talk some trash in an interview as well, which I of course did not oppose :-) Find it here:

That's it for now, stay tuned for more WPH news shortly!