Introducing Baron Johan Van Kortknapen...

On our many adventurous travels in nightlife and music  San Soda and I meet a lot of people. A lot of very cool people who just wanna party and talk about music, a lot of people who wanna 'hang out' and a lot of people who want to give us music, tip us the next 'big thing', etc. Next to that we get swamped with people sending us links, asking us our opinion on tracks, or tracks from their friends, etc, etc. This is all highly appreciated, but we have to be honest, it's simply impossible to be available for everybody, and it certainly is impossible to listen to everything we get sent or agree to everything we are asked.

But sometimes even we get an offer we cannot refuse, and one of those offers came during our last weekend in Berlin at Wilde Renate. We met him in that hazy period between night and morning, that point in time where you are still in the nightclub while that light of day is desperately trying to invade the room you are partying in. He introduced himself as a connoisseur in music and nightlife, and blatantly said WPH needed him. Polite as we are we smiled and said that he can always send us his demo or idea and that we would try and get back to him asap, but no promises. But he insisted that this was different, that we really needed him. And there was something about him that made us more curious than usual. A certain flair, a certain panache, a certain not-quite-your-typical-drugged-up-groupie-je-ne-sais-quoi. And so we started talking more intimately, and he introduced himself as Baron Johan Van Kortknapen, a noble living in Australia from Austrian decent with connections in Berlin and beyond, who has specialized himself in underground communication with a mainstream approach. He insisted that he could be of help in spreading the WPH gospel and explained at length his extensive know-how and original approach.

Back in Belgium I thought long and hard about his offer, and discussed it with San Soda. We agreed that this character deserved a chance, and so we decided that Baron Johan Van Kortknapen will become part of the official WPH Blog Writers guild.

Baron, take it away!