Extra tickets Tomorrowland 2012 via We Play House Recordings

Ladies & gentlemen,

Seeing as the tickets for Tomorrowland 2012 sold out faster than you can say 'anti disestablishment terrorism' the good people at ID&T have been so wise to give every stage host a limited amount of tickets to be sold to the friends and fans of that stage. 

And it so happens we have our stage there on Friday 27th July (check the line-up in another blog post), and so we can make some more people happy with this.

Beware: these are normal paying tickets, and you will have to take action yourselves to get them. There are both three-day tickets as well as day tickets available, a maximum of 4 tickets per person.

What do you need to do? Send an email to and tell us why you think WPH has the best stage on Tomorrowland, and just maybe you will receive a link around 21h tonight with a link to the ticket shop... :-) Later on tonight I will post the link on this blog and on our Facebook, so you know it'll go fast after that... I'll give all the people receiving the email a head start of a couple of hours...