8 hours of music for you...

Every now and then it all comes together: music, people, vibe, venue and dj. A couple of weeks ago was one of those nights. After winning the award for best label I went and played 4 hours of techno at I Love Techno (duh), and then around 4h I headed to Ghent's Decadance club to play the after hours with my musical brother Jensen (long-time resident at that spot). We started around 5h and ended up playing around 8 hrs of music till way past noon. I'm happy that Jensen had the wit to record this set, and I'm happy to share it with you, so below find the link where you can find the entire set (in four parts). I have no idea if Jensen cut out the part where some too wild guy made the needle go AWOL, I hope he hasn't, cause it was part of the whole thing :-)

Part 4 is above, the first three parts you can find on

In case you're wondering if anybody was left in the place: here's some footage of the last song somewhere between 13h and 14h: